iPhone 3G and Google Calendar

I have been using NuevaSync for a while to synchronize my iPhone calendar with Google Calendar, which is very convenient. As with MobileMe, you can synchronize with OTA (over-the-air) by pushing. No need for JailBreak and it’s free! ! When you enter an event on your Google calendar from your PC, the image is automatically imported to your iPhone’s calendar a few minutes later. Of course, the reverse is also possible. When you enter an appointment on your iPhone, go back to your office or home and look at the Google Calendar on your PC, the new appointment is reflected.

Google Calendar can be linked to various services and is easy to use, so you don’t have to pay 9,800 yen a year to enter MobileMe. I have long been a sync fetish, using Plaxo to link to Palm, mobile phones and other services via Google Calendar. This time, thanks to NuevaSync, I was able to add an iPhone to that group. The current problem is that the standard calendar on iPhone is not very convenient. I can’t wait to see third-party products such as Agendus.

Let’s see how to set up NuevaSync.

1. Register with NuevaSync

First, register for NuevaSync. Open the
user registration screen (Signup) and enter the required information.
* The user name and password you enter here are for accessing NuevaSync from your iPhone, and you do not need to enter your Google ID / password.