Trackback spam

I tried to take measures because trackback spam was annoying. With respect to comment and TrackBack spam measures in COREBlog2, Mr. Shimizugawa because is me together, in reference to it Akismet was to be a SPAM determined using the measures function of WordPress standard called.

1. Akismet.Py put to download and place that has passed through the path (such as /usr/lib/python2.3)

set the 2. so that it can be called from Zope environment

[Zope directory] / Products to that GlobalModules Create a directory with the name with the following contents in it.
This seems to have almost prevented the problem of trackback spam. However, in the feeling that I have tested by myself, it seems that sometimes a trackback with no problem is judged as spam and played. For the time being, I’ll look at it for a while, but Tsukkomi is welcome, saying, “I’m not bad here” or “I have a better way.”